How To Choose The Best Supplements

How to choose the best supplements?

There’s a lot of supplements on the market, but how do you choose the best?
(Hint: it’s usually not the Amazon best sellers!)

When looking for the best brand of supplements, check out the following:
1. The dosage. Turn around the label and look at what’s actually in the supplement, and how many doses you need to get the amount you need. Do you need to just take 1 vitamin, or do you need 5 to get the same amount as in the 1?! – Make sure you consult qualified professionals like docs, dieticians or nutritionists before making this move
2. Sourcing. This comes down to 3rd party testing. Usually, supplements will be stamps on the front or the back for independent parties who do 3rd party testing for ingredients: Labdoor and few other places will help you understand the quality standards they maintain.
3. Fillers! What’s actually in your supplement? Many cheaper brands are filled with “other ingredients” to bulk up the pill. Tablets tend to have more fillers than capsules. If you can get the supplements in veggie capsules it’s likely going to have fewer fillers than the tables. The general rule of thumb: if the list of other ingredients is much longer than a list of active ingredients – avoid it!

Check out the supplements you’ve got on hand now and see which ones you may need to switch and ditch!

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