V E G A N P E S T O M A C & C H E E S E???

V e g a n P e s t o M a c & C h e e s e???
this was my first time coming up with this and it turned out pretty good! It only takes about 15 minutes

•cheese sauce:
~Heat up a saucepan (medium heat) with plain almond milk. Once heated, add Daiya dairy free mozzarella cheese and almond flour. Stir & add necessary ingredients until creamy. Then add in Pesto! I usually make my own from basil in the garden but in a time crunch i used the pesto pictured here!

~I boiled water and added Barilla protein pasta since mac and cheese doesn’t have much protein in itself!

~to add a crunch to the dish, i put some kale in a little oil in a skillet & waited to add into mac and cheese until crunchy!

*if the pesto and cheese isn’t enough, I recommend adding some garlic powder, pepper, basil or parsley into it for some extra color and flavor:)

I loved this because it had the same consistency as Panera mac and cheese if you know what I mean, but it is healthier, dairy & meat free!!
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