This Kind Of Quick Breakfast Is Perfect For Your Busy Day. S

This kind of quick breakfast is perfect for your busy day. Simply put everything in a mason jar the night before ?
and in the morning just grab and go.

Breakfast bowl ? Energy: 419 kcal. | Protein: 21g | Carbs: 41g | Fat: 19g
Greek yogurt (2-5% fat) – 0.5 cup (150g)
Apricots – 4 pieces (150g)
Oats – 2 tablespoons (20g)
Walnuts – 2 tablespoons (15g)
Raisins – 1 tablespoon (10g)
1️⃣ Cut the apricots in a half and remove the pits and slice them.
2️⃣ Put the yogurt into a bowl and add the apricots, oats, walnuts and raisins.
3️⃣ Enjoy.
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