Taco Salad ??

Taco Salad ??

We had this the other night and it was a winner. I’ve brought it to work for lunch the last couple of days too ?

INGREDIENTS: ( for one serve)

-100g beef mince
-100g Carisma potatoes
-200g Kent pumpkin
-30g Hass Avocado
-100g Iceberg Lettuce
-20g tomato
-20ml Bulla light sour cream
-20g Ayam Light Sweet Chili sauce
-3g Old El Paso reduced salt taco seasoning


Cook the mince with the taco seasoning. At the same time steam the potatoes and pumpkin.

Once cooked, chuck the lettuce in the bowl and put the mince, potato and pumpkin on top. Then chuck the rest of the stuff on. Sour cream and sweet Chili sauce last of course ?

We made 5 serves so just multiplied all ingredients by 5 ?‍♂️

Calories: 332
Fat: 14.5
Protein: 27.4g


Thanks to @eating.with.chloe for the recipe!!

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