Strawberry & Nut Chocolate Oreo Tart

Strawberry & Nut Chocolate Oreo Tart ? ? ? ••Ingredients:

2 packs of Oreos
Any chocolate you want [i used dairy milk wholenut, but I always switch it up to change the flavour]
A tub of double cream
A little less than a block of butter
Strawberries ••Method:

Smash the Oreos with a wooden spoon and then blend them in the mixer so they’re properly crushed
Melt a little less than half a block of butter in the microwave/or in a pan if you prefer

Blend the Oreo mix and melted butter together and spoon this into a tin and leave in the freezer until hardened
In a pan, heat up the double cream and add your choice of chocolate until it’s all mixed together

Take the tin with the Oreo mix out of the freezer and add your chocolate and cream mixture once it has cooled down..and then place back into the freezer to harden
Blend some nuts
Cut up some strawberries
Add the nuts and strawberries to the top and place back into the freezer until hardened again
Voila?? #dessert #quarantine #easydessert #recipe #chocolate #oreo #nuts #strawberries #ramadan #foodstagram

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