Steak Tartare Is A Dish Whose Main Ingredient Is raw beef

Steak Tartare is a dish whose main ingredient is raw beef cut into small cubes with a knife (coarsely chopped), although often finely chopped in a food processor.

It is important to distinguish the ancient dish, originally from the Russian steppe nomads, from the modern recipe, which uses only the principle of raw meat. It is noted that Korean cuisine presents the steak tartare, usually spiced in one dish (Yukhoe) or sometimes mixed in bibimbap (Korean culture has also partially Mongolian origin). 

In the recipe Italian (Genoese) were added egg yolk and capers, pickles, a little olive oil, parsley, garlic and onions.

Traditionally, the seasoning is done with salt and pepper, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce and it is usually served with a side of French fries.


– 175 / 200 grs minced sirloin steak
– 1/4 onion, parsley
– 1 table Spoon of capers, 1/2 small can of anchovies
– 1 table spoon Worcestershire sauce, 1/2 Juggo maggi
– 1 table spoon Dijon Mustard
– 1 Egg Yolk
– Tabasco, Salt and pepper
– olive oil and lime

1. Chop the onion, capers, anchovies and the parsley. Put aside
2. Mix all the ingredients to prepare the tartare. It’s very important to do it in the right order. Egg Yolk, onion, parsley, capers, anchovies, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, Maggi Sauce, olive oil, salt, pepper, Tabasco, lemon and finally the meat.
3. Serve and enjoy!

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