Sorry For The LAME Presentation With The Strawberries, Ive B

Sorry for the LAME presentation with the strawberries, I’ve been reliably informed they look “try hard” 😂 don’t worry I’m cringing too.

So I finally got myself an electric whisk… HALLELUJAH 🙌 my life just got significantly easier. So I decided I wanted to try and make some yummy scones because I’d seen an advert by @droetkerbakes on my feed and decided to give it a go! For the most part the recipe didn’t disappoint.

The scones were so tasty and really easy to make and used super basic ingredients which was amazing. However, the recipe involves making coconut cream that’s whipped and maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the recipe I’m not entirely sure but the coconut cream DID NOT WORK. If anyone has successfully made coconut cream using the recipe below please give me all your tips because I don’t understand why it wasn’t as thick and good as the recipe picture made out. In the end I’ve repurposed the non whipped coconut cream and instead used @instafoodheaven squirty cream instead which did the trick! If I’d had the time (I took these as a dessert to my pals), I’d have whisked some of the plant based cream from @elmlea_ukie

Anyway enough rambling, you want the recipe, so here it is:

Serves 6
For the Scones:
– 250 g Self-Raising Flour
– 5 g Baking Powder (1 tsp)
– 25 g Golden Caster Sugar
– 50 g Coconut Oil
– 150 ml Unsweetened almond milk (chilled)

For the Coconut Cream:
– about 150 ml Coconut Milk (full fat, chill can in the fridge overnight)
– 15 g Icing Sugar (1 tbsp)
– 2.5 g Madagascan Vanilla Paste (1/2 tsp)

– Jam of choice to serve
– Strawberries (optional)

For the methods please see the third picture!

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did! I love stumbling across new easy recipes like this!

Question of the day:
What’s your biggest baking flop?

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