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Repost from @the_pursuit_justujuu using @RepostRegramApp – Ingredients for marinara sauce:-
2-3 bay leaves
Garlic cloves – 6-8 cloves ( I like it with extra garlic , you can add lesser or even more.)
Onions- 1
Blanched tomato purée- 6-8
Fresh basil leaves
Oregano/Italian seasoning
Chilly flakes
Olive oil
Salt to taste.
– First take a big non stick pan (it’s important to take a big one as when this sauce gets cooked it’s possible that the sauce bubbles out and you definitely don’t want to make tour kitchen too messy.), add some olive oil and let it heat.
– Then add your bay leaves, crushed garlic and onion and let it cook till it becomes a nice golden colour (Again here I keep my garlic and onion quite in s paste form, you can even chop them.)
– Now add your Blanched tomato purée to the pan. (Tomatoes can be deseeded or with seeds before making a purée as per choice.) Add some salt as per taste.
– Now let the sauce cook, for about 15-20 mins on a medium flame, you can cover the pan for a while too.
– Add some chopped fresh basil leaves in the sauce and let it cook on a slow flame now. Then you can add your oregano and chilly flakes.
– Keep checking the consistency of the sauce. Once you achieve the correct consistency, you will see that the watery part would disappear and you would see a thick red sauce. – Your sauce is ready to be served with some tagliatelle, spaghetti, gnocchi, or any other pasta you like. Also garnish it with some fresh basil leaves and Parmesan cheese (if you have, quarantine has taught us how to cook with missing ingredients.)
– You can use this as a pizza sauce too. I would suggest to let it cook for more time if you would use it as pizza sauce.

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