Recipe – Learn How To Make French Crêpes.

Recipe – Learn how to make French Crêpes.

•100g Plain flour
•2 Eggs
•300ml Of milk
•1Tablespoon of sunflower or vegetable oil, plus a little extra for frying
•1Pinch of salt
•Mermalade, chocolate, fruits or anything you like or you have at home for the toppings.


1• In a bowl you put the flour, the eggs, the milk, the oil and the salt, then you use a manual mixer to mix for few minutes until it becomes homogeneous. If you have time, you can let it rest for 20 minutes, if you dont’ then you can start cooking as soon as you finish mixing.
2• The next step from now is the cooking, and you need to make sure that you are using a very good quality frying pan.
3• You heat up the pan with some oil on it, then you start cooking the crêpes one by one, don’t forget to divide the mix into equal amounts.
4• You cook until it gets that golden colour.
5• You can serve them with any topping you have at home or anything you like. It could be sweet or salty.
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