Playing With Glass And Food And Sand. Glass Castles In The S

Playing with glass and food and sand. Glass castles in the Sand is an abstract interpretation of five cocktail recipes created by @countertopindia inspired by Goan ingredients. The images use the ingredients of each recipe to create colour palettes and fun concoctions.

Sidenote: In my faraway imagination, these concoctions feel like a clean representation of some mini witches’ broths. Witches in anime and tv shows always felt inspirational to me. They were perpetually creating, brewing, inventing, they had so many skills, they all had unique personal styles which were markedly different from the world around them, they were the few older women portrayed on screen as creative and ambitious, who were independent enough to build a cottage in the midst of a thick, beautiful forest and live by themselves without being reliant on a partner. The isolation was probably also a step to be actively away from people who didn’t get them or were toxic and harmful towards them. At times their portrayal of being simply evil in certain one-dimensional stories was highly unfair. End side rant.

Commissioned by @smokelabofficial
Coordinated by @lovestruckcowhq
Concept, photography & styling @rhea.gupte
Special thanks to my friends @megha.nayak16 and @sidneyjoel for helping me translate and double check all my spellings and to @jd1685 and @sidneyjoel for allowing me to borrow all their beautiful glasses and things.

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