Plant Based Milk Is Super Easy To Make, Tastes Delicious , A

Plant Based Milk is super easy to make, tastes delicious , and is free from additives, preservatives, sugar and oils that you might find in shop bought milk.
This recipe uses a nut bag or cloth to separate the pulp from the milk.

130g (just over a cup) Raw (unsalted, unroasted) Almonds
1 litre of filtered tap water.
good pinch of sea salt

Special Equipment;
Nut bag / Nut cloth / Cheese cloth/Dish cloth

1. Place Almonds in a large bowl and cover in plenty of water, leave in fridge overnight, or for 12 hrs.
2. After soaking the almonds, drain water and rinse.
Place Almonds in blender with salt and water.
3. Turn blender on full power and continue until liquid has a milk colour and all is blended.
4. Prepare a bowl or jug with nut bag or cloth inside. Now slowly pour in the liquid.

Method Continued …
5. Once all the liquid is inside the cloth, gather the corners (or pull up nut bag) and gently squeeze the milk out of the cloth into the bowl. Keep squeezing until all the liquid is out, and you are just left with the pulp.
6. You can now pour the milk into clean , sterilised jars or bottle, and place in fridge.
7. The milk will last 1-3 days as it doesn’t have all the preservatives that shop bought milk has.

– Make sure to shake the milk bottle when it comes out the fridge, as the milk would have separated.
- The milk will last in the fridge 1-3 days. Remember it doesn’t contain preservatives like shop bought milk.
- Soaking the almonds for 12 hours softens the nuts making it easier to blend, and also allows our bodies to better access the nutrients from them. However If you don’t want to wait you can skip this step and instead cover the Almonds in boiling water , allow it to cool – 30 mins to 1 hr and then begin the recipe . #plantbasedmilk #dairyfree #nutmilk #easyrecipes #lactoseIntolerent #WFPB #veganmilk #veganrecipes #dairyfreerecipes

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