Omg Who Else Loves Elote Mexican Corn Is Such A Treat For Me

Omg who else loves Elote?? Mexican corn is such a treat for me and my family! Had to make some for dinner last night and thought I’d share because it’s super simple to make and so yum!

– All you need to do is mix all your ingredients. I used the list of ingredients from #averiecooks (ingredients listed in 3rd photo) 🌽.

– Grill your corn.

– Spread your mix generously all over the corn once grilled!

– For extra taste add some more of the seasoning you chose, sprinkling over top, for me that was chili powder.

– Sprinkle your cheese and cilantro (I used Parsley) over top!

– Last but not least squeeze your lime over your corn, yum!

A little added bonus for me is adding red pepper flakes, the extra kick is so tasty!

Also! Though I didn’t use skewers, I do recommend them to make it much easier to eat 🤗

One thing I have learned about cooking is you can always substitute ingredients, if you feel like using a different type of cheese or a different spice go for it! It’s all about experimenting and what works best to the taste of your familia!

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