Hi everyone..Here I show the two versions of salad..One with egg and the other without egg..It’s with very easy, simple,fuss-free and handy ingredients..It’s healthy too…

zucchini feta salad:
Zucchini/cucumber- 2 medium
Cherry tomatoes:1 cup chopped
Olives-1/4 cup
Feta cheese- 1/4 cup cubed or crumbled
Yellow Bell pepper- 1chopped

Lemon zest- little
Lemon extract-1/2 spoon
Salt- to taste
Thai basil- 10 leaves chopped
Mint-10 leaves chopped
Whole Pepper-4
Garlic- 2pods
Olive oil-1tbsp

1. Boil eggs and keep aside. Let them cool..
2. Meanwhile layer the chopped half moon shaped zucchini ,halved cherry tomatoes,chopped olives,eggs(incase using),chopped capsicum,feta cheese..
3. Crush pepper and garlic..In a small bowl add olive oil,crushed garlic,pepper,salt,chopped basil,mint leaves, ? zest,lemon extract and mix well..
4. Pack all these and can be carried to Office..Before u eat Just mix the dressing well with the veggies in a bowl and enjoy…

I tried with cucumber too..zucchini is not handy all the times..so tried with normal cucumbers..Even normal ? gave the best taste..Happy to include one more point is Basil and Mint are from my terrace garden…Lemon zest adds very good flavour to the ?..Hubby tried placing the salad in between the bread slices and he said it’s tasty too…So one salad and you can enjoy in many ways..

Am so thankful for the organizers @masalamojo
@asthas_kitchen @the_munching_station and their partners @blablafoodz @nutrionus @wahhindia @yesindia and @the_stuffstore

I would like to tag @vasavihn @namrathaas @the_culinary_peace

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