Matka Rabdi With Ice Cream😋😍

Matka Rabdi With Ice Cream😋😍

prep up all the ingredients needed
Full fat milk(1 litre) in 1litre milk you can make upto 4 matka rabdi, depends on the size of pots,sugar,vanila ice cream and sliced almonds and pistachio

Preparation method: take non-stick heavy bottom pan and add milk to it,let the milk come to boil on low to medium flame, keep stirring it after every 9 to 10mins,cook the milk for 1hr till it reduce to the quarter,
Add sugar and cook for 2mins till sugar get dissolved
Transfer in a matkas
Keep in refrigerater for 1hr
Take any ice cream that you like
Pour ice cream on the top of rabdi
Garnish with almonds and pistachio
And some very unique combination is ready to eat
You can even add flavors in it
Just try it once at home you’re gonna love it for sure
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