🍓Looking For A Tasty Treat Let’s Get The Ball Rollin’

🍓Looking for a tasty treat? Let’s get the ball rollin’ with some delish Sugar- Free (Guilt free) Almond Berry Bites.

•200g Oats
•300g Mixed berry (defrosted)
•100g Blanched almonds
•125g Chopped soft dates
•50g Ground almonds (1/2 for mix, 1/2 for coating)

1. Combine ingredients in a food processor until they make a coarse paste.
2. Transfer to a mixing bowl & sit for 15mins for oats to absorb moisture.
3. Make into balls (recipe makes 50), roll these in remaining almonds to coat.
4. Store in an airtight container.
** Option to increase protein + a scoop of your choice into step 1.

…then the most important step of all = enjoy!!

180KJ ~43 Cal/ 1.9g fat/ 2.2h Carbs/ .01g Salt

👇Tried + tested? Let us know what you think- show us your berry balls 📲 story + tag @tastelifelivelife

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