Green Goodness Pesto Pasta By @theplantifulchef ? Absolut

Green Goodness Pesto Pasta by @theplantifulchef ? absolutely delicious, really easy and quick to put together! Only 12 mins! Plenty of veggie goodness in there, no oil and nuts and full of flavour.
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160-200g pasta (depending how hungry you are) 1 cup broccoli florets (about half a large head steamed over the boiling pasta in a sieve until slightly soft, rinsed in cold water straight away) 2/3 cup packed fresh basil 1 clove of garlic 1/3 cup fresh frozen garden peas 1tbs nutritional yeast juice of half a lemon 2tbs of water to blend Get the pasta on to boil and steam the broccoli over the boiling pasta until slightly soft then rinse in cold water. Place all ingredients into blender and blend, add in the water 1tbs at a time just to get it going. When the pasta is cooked drain and rinse, add the pesto and mix well, return to heat and warm through for a few minutes. Serve and enjoy! .
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