Coconut Cookies Recipe …

Coconut Cookies Recipe …
Try it once, I am sure you will like it ?

Coconut Cookies Recipe:


Coconut Grated-2 Bowls
Sesame Seeds (White Til)- 3/4th Bowl
Dry Fruits – 2-3 Table Spoon (As Per Taste)
Whole Wheat Flour- 3bowls
All Purpose Flour-1/2 Bowl
Powdered Sugar- 2 Bowls ( As Per Taste )
Oil/ghee- 2 Spoon While Making Dough And For Frying
Semolina/Poppy Seeds- 1 Bowl
Water- To Make Dough


Take A Pan Put 3 Bowls Whole Wheat Flour, 1/2 Bowl All Purpose Flour, 1 Bowl Semolina Or Poppy Seeds, 2-3 Tbsp Dry Fruits, 2 Bowls Powdered Sugar, 3/4 Bowl White Til/Sesame Seeds And 2 Bowls Grated Coconut Mix Everything With The Spoon. Add 2 Tbsp Of Oil/Ghee And Mix The Mixture Again.

Once Everything Is Mixed Well Add Water And Make Dough And Let It Rest For 30min. After 30min. Take The Dough And Make Small Portions Of It, Take 1 Or 2 Drops Of Oil On Your Palms And Make Round Shape Or The Shapes You Want. Take A Toothpick And Make Holes So That Its Inner Part Will Also Get Fried, Once Done With Making All The Cookies Take Kadhi/Frying Pan To Deep Fry Pre-Heat The Pan As It Will Save Your Time While Frying The Cookies. As The Oil Gets Heated Start Putting The Cookies In The Oil. Keep Flipping The Cookies After 2- 3 Mins. Once The Colour Turns Golden Brown Remove It Form The Pan.YYour Coconut Cookies Are Ready ?

In Spite Of Being Fried, These Cookies Are Non-Sticky And Healthy. Quick And Yummy Recipe For Snacks
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