Burgers. Fries. Milkshakes. As Soon As Summer Hits, I Swear

Burgers. Fries. Milkshakes. As soon as summer hits, I swear that trio is all I can think about.

I minor hiccup to this is that I stopped eating meat when I was 7, then slowly started moving away from dairy when I was studying food science in university over 20 years ago.

No worries though as there are a boatload of delish plant-based options out there that will have your tastebuds soaring.

Since Thursday night is Burger night in our household through the summer, let me walk you through what I created yesterday. Even though there are a ton of great made-from-scratch veggie burger recipes out there, after over a hundred days straight of “Mom, what’s for dinner?”, I elected to press the EASY button and tried out this new Wholly Veggie greens patties. On the vegan whole wheat bun I layered fresh spinach, sautéed mushrooms with garlic, the veggie burger, a layer of Daiya cheese, tomatoes, pesto vegenaise (I use this sauce with my fries in lieu of ketchup),and a big dollop of my homemade purple cabbage sauerkraut.

For this week’s milkshake, I combined frozen pomegranate seeds with ripe bananas, agave nectar and the homemade oat-coconut milk I make.

It was a solid 10/10 on our burger chart ? You can find more info on the ingredients I used at @whollyveggie @vitahealth @daiyafoods and @followyourheart.

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