Annnnd Here Is The @wagamama_uk Wok From Home Yasai ‘shiok

Annnnd here is the @wagamama_uk wok from home yasai ‘shiok chicken’ vegan style ? this was so delicious and fresh – using griddled tofu instead of the chicken and swapping in vegan friendly ingredients ? swipe for the adapted ingredients and method below ⬇️

Yasai ‘shiok chicken’ method ?
• whizz your spice paste up in a blender then place half the spice paste into a bowl with the rest of the tofu marinade ingredients ? slice the tofu into 4 ‘steaks’ and bathe in the marinade – leave in the fridge as you cook the rest of the dish ??‍?
• in the meantime, put your rice on boil and slice up the vegetables ? make the salad dressing by mixing the ingredients on a low heat for 1 minute then leave to cook ? once cooled, place half the dressing on the salad and the other half over the radishes so that they become pickled ?
• now make your sauce by frying the other half of the paste for two minutes till aromatic then add in the coconut milks, stock, lime and sugar and simmer till it alll mixes up
• now heat a griddle pan of frying pan on a high heat, add your tofu in the marinade and fry for about 4 minutes on each side till crispy ?
• spoon the rice into bowls and pour the sauce over the top, arrange the salad in the bowl and then add the tofu steaks ? top with coriander, fresh mint and toasted coconut ?

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