5 Min Shahi Paneer

5 min Shahi Paneer

1. Paneer- 200gm
4.Turmeric powder-1 tsp
5.Jeera powder -1 tsp
6.Red chilli powder-1 tsp
7.Ginger paste-1 tsp
8.Salt to taste
9.White oil -2-3 tsp
10.8-10 whole cashew paste
11.Full cream (optional)

Preparation Method:

1.Take a medium deep bowl and mix all the ingredients except paneer into a smooth paste( add lit bit of water if required) and set it aside.

2.Piece the paneer in small blocks and fry as such paneer does not to get hard or you just toss them in white oil and remove in another bowl.

3.Pour 2tsp of white oil in the kadhai and fry 1pc of whole red chilly and set aside .

4. In that oil mix the paste and stir continuously.

5.When it releases oil then add the paneer and add water as your requirement for the gravy.

6.When it starts to boil then turn the gas into sim and add cashew paste after 3-4 minutes of boiling.

7.When you see that the required gravy is coming down just at that point you may add full cream and put off the gas.

8.Garnish as you wish and serve!
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